You can verify Warrant Canary status with this command on your system console

delv txt +short
dig txt +short (this will get you results without validating the DNSSEC is valid)

You would get a response of:
"version=canary1; warrants=0; date=20190314; expires=20190914;"

version= DNS Warrant Canary Version
warrants= number we have been issued
date= YYYYMMDD of when this was issued
expires= YYYYMMDD of when this expires, if expired then canary is dead

Running with +vtrace to validate the RRSIG:
delv txt +vtrace
; fully validated 36047 IN TXT "version=canary1; warrants=0; date=20190314; expires=20190914;" 36047 IN RRSIG TXT 10 3 86400 20190801000000 20190711000000 34464 PwbYO+FkZTYvmxgL1YKN/wNaqmP0wQvYQfiYTerGU6p9zZYbFSTKxeeX HDRs+bGrq3WfGPAKXvB+t10qKAy/4vjH3nxaFZn7MGzpthC5nYc683LZ XeA4LHqWkhF6zYzsn4W/mXzf2ux69lWKy4h0+l3SeOL2q2ubK1FlYRCE Xss+9Igk4KYuEZmXU1FDFCCYnlkS5ps3HKqBICtJDRDbw7AYXa9axW09 Px850I9QKmIyAxa5LtAWzGkWMdr1WPczIimNnItDcpXUAXHvGG2XFhN4 zqO7zCItdGEa0sw1xuJZ2uUzQaNP9F2VFm1r60+DwvufXEBqMeY3tMuA 8vX4qQ==

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